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Don't Underestimate The Dangers Of Cockroaches Around Your Spring Home


Without exception, no one likes to see cockroaches running around the house. Thanks to pop culture and real-life stories, this pest is associated with a lack of cleanliness and upkeep. They’re also known to be hard to kill compared to other pests. However, most don’t know the dangers cockroaches bring when they invade a home.... Read More

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Answering Spring's Most Frequently Asked Bed Bug Questions


Finding even one of these malicious invaders in the house can break homeowners into a cold sweat. But stay calm; Kingston Pest Control is here to help! Bed bugs are panic-inducing pests for many reasons. Despite their small size, these devilish ne'er-do-wells have the power to turn your once pleasant and relaxing bed into an itchy, twitchy nightmare. ... Read More

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Why Professional Mosquito Control Is Worth It For Your Spring Yard 


It doesn't take a brainiac to spot a hungry mosquito or two buzzing about a Texan yard. Home to over 85 unique species of mosquitoes, Texas is chock full of these blood-sucking beasts in all shapes and sizes. Despite the minor physical differences, the description of mosquitoes is relatively the same across the board. ... Read More

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5 Quick Tips To Keeping Cockroaches Out Of Your Spring Home


he three most common cockroaches in Spring, Texas are the German, American, and Oriental cockroach Each of these roaches has its own unique traits, but when it comes to keeping them out, the same methods apply to them all. Here are five quick tips to keep cockroaches out of your home.... Read More

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