Comprehensive Pest Control For Your Conroe, Texas Property

Conroe, TX is a family-friendly city ideally located just 40 miles north of Houston. Conroe is home to the beautiful Lake Conroe, which offers plenty of outdoor activities for residents and visitors to enjoy. To protect your Conroe home or business from the many critters, insects, and other common local pests that thrive in the environments that Conroe offers, turn to the experienced pest control experts at Kingston Pest Control. Here at Kingston Pest Control, we take great pride in providing exceptional pest control services for residential and commercial properties in Conroe, TX and treating each and every one of our customers like they are part of our own family.

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Home Pest Control In Conroe, TX

Many common pests can find their way into any Conroe home year-round. Insects and rodents are referred to as pests because of the wide variety of problems they create while living inside of your home such as contaminating food, damaging personal property and the structure of your home, introducing bacteria and disease, and creating a stressful environment within your home.

With the warm climates offered here in the greater Houston area, pests tend to become a persistent presence in Conroe, TX residential properties. To protect your home and family from a plethora of common Texas pests, the friendly professionals at Kingston Pest Control offer family and pet-friendly residential pest control services. Our quarterly pest control plan offers one initial visit and four quarterly treatments to provide your home with year-round protection from pests. This home pest control service is 100% guaranteed. If any of those pesky pest invaders come back between visits, then so do we, for free!

Guide To Avoiding Occasional Invaders In Conroe, TX

Occasional invaders are those pests that don’t prefer to live indoors full-time, but will occasionally become a problem by living, breeding, or foraging for food in your home or yard. Insects like box elder bugs, earwigs, crickets, centipedes, and millipedes are all examples of occasional invaders. To prevent your Conroe property from becoming a home for these occasional invaders, we want to offer these helpful prevention tips:

  • Change outdoor lighting to yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lamps. They are less attractive to insects.

  • Seal cracks and repair any other damage to the foundation and exterior walls of your home.

  • Maintain a barrier between any mulch or grass and the foundation.

  • Remove excess debris from your yard that occasional invaders could hide in.

  • Reduce moisture problems using dehumidifiers, making sure crawlspaces are ventilated, and fixing leaky pipes.

Commercial Pest Control Services In Conroe, TX

Keeping pests out of your business is important to its success. In this day and age of social media, just one customer spotting a fly can call into question the cleanliness of your commercial facility. At Kingston Pest Control, we understand that each business has its own pest control needs and we will work closely with you to meet those needs. Our commercial pest control services often include monthly visits, but the frequency of services can be customized to fit your businesses pest control requirements. We offer a variety of commercial services from general to targeted, keeping pests out of your business in Conroe, Texas and away from your customers, employees, and inventory.

Did You Know Termite Damage Can Be Avoided In Conroe, TX?

Termites are pests that, unfortunately, have the potential to find their way inside of any home or business in eastern Texas. Termites emerge from the ground, entering through any tiny crack in the foundation of your home, or through wooden structures that have contact with the ground. Once inside, these persistent, wood-eating pests invade structural wood, tunneling through and excavating the wood in order to feed their colony. Despite termites being formidable pests, termite infestations can be avoided!

Removing excess woodpiles, fallen trees, and trees stumps from your property can make it less attractive to termites. Seal any cracks in the foundation of your home. Leave a barrier between any mulch or soil and the foundation of your home, and use termite-resistant mulch around your home. Inside, use dehumidifiers to reduce moisture levels, fix leaky pipes and fixtures, and remove water-damaged wood. The best way to avoid problems with termites, of course, is to put into place a professional termite control service.

At Kingston Pest Control, we will provide trusted services and place a barrier of protection around your home to stop termites in their tracks. To learn more about avoiding termites or any of the other common pests known to be living throughout our service area of Conroe and greater Houston, contact Kingston Pest Control today!


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