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Trusted Home Pest Control Plans For Spring & Houston, TX

When pests come to invade your property, you need the best of the best in order to keep them out. That's where we come in! Dealing with pests in your home or in your yard? If so, then partner with the trusted Spring, TX pest control experts at Kingston Pest Control. And even if you don't have pests on your property, without quality pest control, it's only a matter of time before you do. With our Quarterly or Organic Pest Control Plan as well as our Annual Mosquito/In2Care Unit Plan for added protection against mosquitoes, the team here at Kingston Pest Control can keep your home and yard pest-free all year round, guaranteed! To get started with us today, all you have to do is give us a call!


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Our Customizable Pest Protection Plans

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As local homeowners ourselves, we understand the unique pest pressures that Texas residents face. To help you enjoy your home and yard to the fullest without the worry of pest problems, we offer a variety of customizable, family-friendly residential pest control plans to meet your every pest control need. 

Quarterly Pest Control Plan

Want year-round pest protection? To protect your Spring, Texas home, we’ll set you up with our most popular home pest control solution, the Quarterly Pest Control plan.

Here at Kingston Pest Control, our initial service visit includes:

  • Sweeping of the eaves and removing any wasp and mud daubers nests.

  • Dusting of weep holes and spraying around the foundation of the home 6-8ft out and 4ft up to establish a barrier of pest protection around your home.

  • Applying a professional-grade granular product around the perimeter of your home and property to help reduce the ant populations in your yard.

At Kingston, our Quarterly Pest Control Plan consists of an initial service visit and four follow-up visits. During your initial service visit, our expert technicians will perform both interior and exterior services to eliminate all the pest problems on your property while our follow-up visits consist of only exterior treatments, unless interior treatments are requested. If you discover pests on your property in between our regularly scheduled treatments, just give us a call and we’ll come out and re-treat at no additional charge!

*Provides coverage for ants (odorous house ants and Argentine ants), silverfish, centipedes, millipedes, boxelder bugs, cockroaches (American wood roaches and Oriental roaches), cell bugs, earwigs, crickets, and spiders, including brown recluse and black widow spiders.

Organic Pest Control Plan

Want to protect your home but need to reduce chemical use? We’ve got you covered with our organic pest control solution! The Organic Pest Control Plan covers you against all of the same pests and services as our quarterly pest control option, except through the use of an organic oil blend as opposed to traditional pest control products. As the organic oil blend does not contain the preservatives found in the synthetic solutions used in our Quarterly Pest Control Plan treatments, we’ll need to make more frequent visits to your home. Instead of performing quarterly service visits, we’ll come out to your home on a bi-monthly basis to re-apply our treatments around the perimeter of your property.

Annual Mosquito/In2Care Unit Plan

Looking for mosquito control? Performed as a monthly treatment between the months of March and November, our Annual Mosquito/In2Care Unit Plan includes a backpack misting service and the installation of the In2Care mosquito traps in your yard to reduce the populations of mosquitoes on your property throughout mosquito season.

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At Kingston Pest Control, we offer free inspections to detect both existing pest activity as well as the potential for future pest activity. During our thorough inspection, we’ll identify the pest pressures you’re dealing with and locate potential entry points and attractants that could be contributing to your pest problems.

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After your inspection, we offer a wide variety of treatment plans to resolve your pest problems and prevent future infestations. No matter your needs, we have the IPM and LEED Certified products needed to put a stop to pest activity on your property and make sure you won’t have to worry about those pests again!

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Our treatments are guaranteed to prevent future pest activity, and we make sure we can stand by this guarantee with regular follow-up appointments and free re-treatments, if needed. These follow-up visits will be tailored to your schedule to ensure that we are providing the most convenient service possible.

Guaranteed, Long-Lasting Results Without Compromise!

When you partner with us, we'll perform a thorough inspection and then create a custom plan based on our findings, and we won’t be satisfied until every inch of your home and yard is protected under our guaranteed services. Our treatments will never put pest prevention above the comfort and care of your home, family, and pets. Most companies have to choose one or the other, but our ability to take care of pest problems while keeping your family in mind is the reason our customers continue to trust us with their pest control needs. It’s also why we can guarantee your satisfaction, or the bill is on us! If you're in need of quality pest control you can count on, contact us to get started today!


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