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Rodents are a major issue in Spring, Texas. Not only are mice and rats a nuisance to have in your home or business, but they can also cause damage to your building and the items inside as well as spread harmful bacteria and pathogens and introduce parasites like fleas and ticks. To keep these pests out and avoid rodent problems in the future, the best option is to invest in rodent control from a trusted pest control expert, like Kingston Pest Control! From free in-home rodent inspections to professional rodent removal and exclusion, and even rodent sanitation services including attic sanitation and insulation removal, we can keep your eastern Texas home or business rodent-free, guaranteed!

Our Rodent Control Process

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Finding rodents or signs of rodents in your Texas home or business means it's time to take action. At Kingston Pest Control, our experts are here to eliminate mice and rats from your property through our effective rodent control process.

Phone Consultation

If you’re seeing rodents or signs of rodent activity, give us a call. Our experts will ask questions and assess the situation to determine the severity of your rodent problem. At this point, we'll set up a time for a free in-home rodent inspection.

Free Inspection & Quote

Scheduled at a time that’s convenient for you, our technicians will come inspect your home and yard, fully prepared to fix the problem that day. During this inspection, they will carefully inspect your home and property to determine how rodents are getting inside and develop the best course of action to eliminate them. With this information, we can put together a quote for service as well!

Rodent Control Treatment

At Kingston, we control mice, rats, and other rodents using state-of-the-art baits in Tier 3 dog-proof bait boxes. These bait stations can be used on the outside of your home for the best results. For current issues inside your home, we’ll strategically place traps to capture rodents. In addition, we always follow-up with our clients with the option to come remove any trapped rodents. We'll simply remove them from your property and ensure they won't come back.

*All of our rodent exclusion work is warrantied for as long as you remain a customer of Kingston Pest Control.

Our Additional Services

In addition to our three-step rodent control process, we also offer exclusion and sanitation services. Not only is cleaning up the mess left behind by mice, rats, and other rodents unpleasant, but it can also be dangerous to your health. That's why partnering with a pest control professional is always the best option! At Kingston, we offer exclusion services to keep rodents from re-entering as well as a variety of different rodent sanitation services including attic sanitation and insulation removal to make your life a little easier!

Attic Sanitation & Insulation Removal -  If rodents have turned your attic into their nesting area, you’ll be left with feces, urine, and bacteria-filled insulation. To help eliminate these potential health hazards, our highly-trained team will sanitize any affected areas and remove all remnants of rodent activity to restore your home to pre-rodent conditions!

Exclusion Services - To get inside, rodents will often chew their way inside or find an opening in the exterior of your home or business to squeeze through. In fact, house mice can even squeeze under most doorways or through holes as small as a dime! That's why sealing up just one point of entry in your home is not effective at deterring mice, rats, and squirrels. Here at Kingston Pest Control, we offer a complete exclusion service to seal up all possible points of entry for rodents and keep them from returning.

The Trusted Rodent Control Experts For Spring, TX & The Houston Metro!

If you think you have a rodent infestation, or have seen signs of rodent activity in your home or business such as chewed up fabrics and droppings around the interior and exterior of your property, it's time to consider investing in rodent control from a trusted expert, like the professionals at Kingston Pest Control! For professional rodent control solutions with guaranteed results, look no further than us. To get started with our quality rodent protection, give us a call today for your free consultation!


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